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Education center "MAGNUM"

     The Center for continuing professional education for adults "Education center MAGNUM" ("Mācību centrs MAGNUM") is an accredited educational institution in Latvia that specializes in training of electrical technicians and provides specialized courses for electricians in automation and control systems. Education center was established in 2021 and it has one of the most modern and technically equipped classroom for practical learning in Latvia. More than 200 students have already been trained and professional qualification certificates have been issued by the Education center. 
     Teaching staff are work experienced instructors and highly rated industry specialists who have trained more than 1000 new specialists in Latvia.
     The center is also qualified to provide EU funded courses and gives support to National institutions in education for adults and practitioners in the field.
     The center is supported and evaluated by such partners as Schneider Electric, Brother, Wago etc.
     Find out more: www.mcmagnum.lv or [email protected]



Teaching staff of "Education center MAGNUM", 2023